Dating Service and Trust: Go Well Together?

Two facts in place of introduction.

Number 1 fact. Very often our stuff and I talk to men who got very disappointed in some other dating agencies. It’s sad. But we appreciate having these clients because they keep looking for a Russian wife in spite of all bad done to them. This means they have serious intentions!

Number 2 fact. We realize that some of you join several agencies just in order to increase your chances.

The main issue of our current conversation is trust.

Let’s take an abstract view to our life and find out what is really important for us. What events from your biography do you consider ultimate? I think answers will be the same. It is family or the continuation of the humankind. In every particular case it is the continuation of the kin. I take it there are some other things that also matter like career for example. Let’s assume forming a family is ONE OF the most important things in human life. So why putting it at stake? You shouldn’t trust laymen here. But here is the question: who are laymen and who are not?

No, I’m not going to sing praises to our agency. If you are our client and reading this newsletter there is no need to do it! I want to give you more: a perfect weapon against cheats and scams that is the way of detecting them!

Now seriously. Our agency has been in the marriage business since its early start in our country. We are a little bit more than 7 years old. This is the age of Russian Internet and PCs that give us the opportunity to arrange Internet marriage agencies.

7 years is a short period of time in terms of big business. Still no special books or scientific conferences on marriage business issues. However, we are rapidly developing and keeping up to date. We’ve gained a lot of experience: at first we were just a part of the international marriage net, then worked independently. Now we are creating our own partnership net that is Chance For Love Network. In our work we face a huge number of agencies that are ready to work with us. However, we don’t trust all of them. So we have created our own methods of revealing and sorting out those that are worth working with and avoiding all others.

Just recall the 2 facts mentioned above. We know that you also meet a lot of marriage agencies. At first sight they are all alike. But it is wrong. Wanna know our methods?

So, first of all in order to choose a trustworthy agency you have to pay attention to its “geography” and the number of women they offer. UFABET

Geography. This item can also be called Responsibility that the agency bears for the truthfulness of its women profiles. Are the girls real? If so, what about their names? Do the names written in their info really coincide with those written in their passports? Do the streets mentioned in their profile addresses really exist? Is a woman writing that she is divorced really divorced? Maybe she talks about one child and can have three?… And perhaps her level of English is far from the one she wrote about in her profile? And much more questions of the kind.

ONLY the agency working PERSONALLY with every woman can answer them.

Personally meaning NOT in the Internet or by the phone but when a woman comes to the agency and fills in the questionnaire and an agency manager checks the veracity of all the facts enquiring her passport. You realize that in order to fulfill this procedure a woman is to live in the same city or town with this agency.

See the site you would like to join. They have a questionnaire form for women? In this case they simply cannot be responsible for the truthfulness of their profiles. Some agencies can argue saying that they ask their girls to send them scanned copies of their passports. Funny! We know well that such copies can be easily changed with the help of any graphic editor. With a little working out they look very real!

Be careful! Some agencies place such forms on the sites but ask women come to the office to check their passports anyway. So you have to check it out. Whatever, the place of location of the agency is to coincide with the woman’s place of living. Only in this case the agency can bear full responsibility for the validity of her data.

You can say that you see girls from other cities and towns on our site. Meaning we do not bear responsibility for them? Yes, we do. The point is that we work with several local agencies that are also very squeamish about the quality of their women’s profiles. Moreover, we are parts of a united net with the single quality standard. It includes a detailed info, hi-fi pictures, personal work with every woman and a high percentage of women’s replies. The agencies working with us are responsible for their women as well as we are responsible for ours. Our partner cities are Ufa, Nicholaev, Kharkov and Minsk.

A year ago we decided to accept women’s profiles through the Internet but soon refused from this idea. We cannot persuade these girls to follow our rules because we cannot make them do anything at all! All we could do is to write them e-mail letters asking to follow our regulations. But we were not happy with this situation. As a result we had to delete those women who didn’t observe our rules. And to tell the truth we are not sorry for this.
We have no more than 80 girls from different cities and towns who have sent their info papers through the Internet. I can tell you that we did not check their passport and you are free to trust their profiles or not. However, they observe our rules and always give their answers in time.

Anyway, we have seized to accept Internet info papers from women. The risk of placing a scam is too big. However, we are responsible for women living in Kazan and our partner cities.

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