Zhu Zhu Pets For Sale

They’ve been out since September, but you’re hearing about them now. The latest craze in toys, Zhu Zhu Pets are on the elevator to reach the top spot of the coveted best Christmas gift for this year of 2009. If you aren’t hearing the noise from your kids, perhaps you have heard from your friends or on the radio and television commercials. These pet hamsters are buying out of stock in the stores and even selling out in some places online. dog price in india

They aren’t real hamsters in the first place, the Zhu zhu pet hamster are battery powered but designed to look and act just like a real live hamster. There are five different pets with each their own personality and come with over 40 different sounds based on the surroundings they are currently in.

Each Zhu zhu pet has two modes, “explore mode” and “loving mode” where they run around the floor and all over the house as well as react to hugs, kisses and other signs of affection. There are lots of accessories included with these pets that will definitely keep your children interested and active all day long with their new hamster pet. Accessories include houses, beds with blankets and even cars. The best thing of all is that they can enjoy having a relationship with their pet and learn how to take care of one, without going through the actual responsibilities and messes to clean up that come with a real hamster.

The zhu zhu pet, also misspelled zu zu or zoo zoo was once known as the go go pets back in august 2009. The company Cepia did a test trial run before renaming and launching these hamster pets into the market for the public. They have been out since September, but the stories of stores being sold out and out of stock are not new or surprising, you may want to get one soon before Christmas comes. If you have any trouble, there are still leftover go go pets that not many people know about. Buy your zhu zhu pet hamsters online where a greater stock is usually available, but watch out. eBay sellers have been known to boost the price up to 3 times the normal cost, and there are many other retailers that sell them much cheaper. Happy Holidays and get ready to go “zoo zoo zoom” this Christmas!

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